Building Survey

A Building Survey is the most comprehensive report available for a prospective property purchaser and suitable for all types of building. We consider it essential if the building is listed, built prior to WWII, or clearly in need of extensive repair.  We also recommend this type of report if the building is constructed using non-traditional methods and materials.

A Building Survey describes the building and its component parts in accessible detail and includes guidance on remedial works required in the short, medium and long term. It includes an indication of costs and the priority of any suggested works, so that you may use these in negotiating the sale value. For this reason the Building Survey does not include a Valuation as standard, but one can be commissioned in addition if required.

The report we offer is equivalent to the RICS Level 3 Building Survey report, and formatted in a manner we consider to be the most reader-friendly. Please note that as standard this report gives only a visual appraisal of the electrics and provisions for space heating at a property; we always recommend an inspection by a qualified NICEIC electrical engineer and/or GasSafe engineer prior to purchase.