Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of survey do I need for buying a home?

    Please see our Surveys section which explains the difference between the types of survey we offer. You will need either a Home Survey, a Building Survey, or a Listed Building Survey and you may require a Valuation in addition. If you need help making your decision, please telephone us to discuss your needs.

  • How much is a survey?

    All our services are priced differently depending on a number of factors including: travel time to the property; time required on site by the surveyor; any on site testing necessary; time and any extra disbursements entailed in report preparation; liaison and administration required with other experts/ tenants; whether a subcontractor is required, for example an aerial or drain photographer. Please contact us for a quote (see FAQ 'What information do I need to provide to get a quote?)

  • What information do I need to provide for a quote?

    In order to provide a quote we will need to know: - What service you require (or if you don't know, we can advise) - The full address of the property or properties to be surveyed - The type and size of the property (detached/ semi/ terraced; number of bedrooms) - Where applicable, the sale price - Where applicable, an indication of the extent of any background information on which we are to rely. We may ask you to send us copies of reports, case files, Court Orders or other relevant information so we can assess those before quoting.

  • How much is an expert witness report?

    For most represented clients, local government, and registered providers of social housing we charge on an hourly basis and invoice after reporting. This means we charge fairly for time taken rather than overcharging if little or no disrepair is found. We also accept instructions from those representing publicly funded parties and agree to the rates set by the Legal Aid Agency. We generally find that a standard housing disrepair CPR Pt35 compliant report entails 5-7 hours of a surveyor's time. Please contact us for our current rates and see 'Our Standard Terms' for full conditions of engagement.

  • Do you accept conditional or fixed fee instructions?

    We do not under any circumstances accept instructions where our fee is dependent on the outcome of a case. For all services required by private or non-represented individuals (and in some other circumstances), we provide a fixed fee in agreeing an instruction, which is payable before a survey is undertaken. For most of our expert witness services where we are instructed by legal firms, councils, registered providers of social housing and registered charities supporting tenants, we rarely offer a fixed fee because we cannot know the extent of disrepair reportable until we have inspected a property. Fees are charged on an hourly basis dependent on time taken, and invoiced after reporting. If your Court Order has set a cap on expert witness fees please inform us of this upon first enquiry so that we can advise whether we can accept the instruction.

  • What are your payment terms?

    For private and/or non-represented clients, once a quote has been agreed, payment is required within 7 days of booking in order to confirm an instruction. Such fees are always payable in full in advance of a survey. For all represented clients, legal firms, councils or registered providers of social housing we invoice shortly after reporting, and fees are payable strictly within 30 days. All such instructions are accepted on the basis that a client has funds on account to pay in accordance with our terms; we do not accept any instructions payable after a case has settled or our instructing party has been paid by its own client. For all charities supporting social housing tenants or legal firms representing publicly funded tenants, we invoice shortly after reporting and accept instructions under the terms set by the Legal Aid Agency.

  • I have cracks appearing in my house - can you help?

    Yes. Cracks appearing in property can be anything from minor shrinkage to an indication of something more serious. We can attend at your property to investigate and advise further. Occasionally we return to a property multiple times over a fixed period to monitor and measure cracks which can help determine whether the property is suffering from movement or subsidence.

  • Can you provide a CPR Part 35 compliant report?

    Yes. A CPR Part 35 compliant report is also known as an Expert Witness report. See 'Expert Witness' under Services for more details.

  • Can you carry out a valuation for insurance or probate purposes?

    Yes. See more about the different types of valuations we carry out under Services - 'Valuations'. In order to ensure we fulfil your provider's requirements, usually we will ask you to provide information from your insurer or solicitor detailing the specifics required as sometimes extra detail or price comparables are necessary.

  • I think tree roots might be causing subsidence at my property. Can you help?

    Yes we can certainly assist. There can be all sorts of reasons for subsidence, not limited to tree roots, and we will happy to inspect your property to identify the reason(s). Our report will advise of appropriate measures to resolve the problem and make good any damage already incurred. See also the FAQ 'I have cracks appearing in my house'.